Heart opening healing session:

The space where your heart resides can become the sacred space you go to to gain acceptance and wholeness. Relationship difficulties, conflits and heartaches : this marvellous and soothing healing session will help you center in your heart to facilitate the inclusion of your emotional experience. 

Duration : 1h. Cost : 100.- CHF

Harmonizing feminine and masculine energies:

This Reiki-chakra-tantra healing modality combines conversation and gentle back massage to rebalance feminine and masculine energies in oneself, unblock feminine-masculine relationship patterns, et reharmonize the energy flow through the chakras. A healing session to help you ease the integration of your inner polarities and gently awaken kundalini energy.

Duration : 1h30. Cost : 130.- CHF

Auras Reading : 

Our energetic bodies store informations on how we express our souls programming through the numerous dimensions of our lifes. A reading allows us to get information on what need to be transformed and helps restore harmony in the energy flow throughout the energetic bodies.

Sessions can take place in person or online and you'll receive the audio recording of it.

Duration : 1h. Cost : 120.-CHF

For an appointment, please contact me !

Ra-Haraktys :

Ra-Haraktys is a beneficial energy that allows for a global rebalancing on all levels, from the physical body to the spiritual or multidimensional bodies. A session consists of an irradiation of syntonic energy, much like in a Reiki session. A specific intention can be asked for each treatment, such as: work related to physical ailments, stress, depression / anxiety, or release of ancestral memories. A specific sequence of care includes 4 energy irradiation sessions and can be supplemented by remote energy support. This modality takes place in person.

Duration: 1 hour approx. Price: 100.- CHF.